Electric, Water & Gas Utilities

Migrate Operational Technology (OT) onto IP and T1 networks

JumboSwitch® Multi-service Ethernet Switch | Mini Channel Bank Series

Enabling utilities to preserve legacy devices, while providing a single platform for network agnostic backhaul over microwave radio, SONET, IP, MPLS, or carrier ethernet. These solutions have been proven for utilities with private and carrier networks for SCADA, RTU's, telemetry, security alarms, operations, handheld radio, site phone/fax, network extension and more.

Industry Solutions

Our client achieved significant financial and operational advantages by integrating their existing analog devices onto an upgraded WAN and radio network. The JumboSwitch platform enabled the upgrade to a modern network, without requiring existing analog devices to be changed out, including dial up meters and T1 radios. The upgraded JumboSwitch WAN offered superior network management, visibility and troubleshooting, leading to significant time and financial savings during and post deployment.

This utility was challenged with integrating multiple device/interface types between two networks using different transport mediums. Upgrading to the JumboSwitch platform enabled them to retain and integrate their existing endpoint devices over gigabit Ethernet backhaul, expanding their network capacity and improving network performance overall.

White paper: Digital radio linking using T1/E1

When our utility client had only a single strand of fiber optic cable available to upgrade their network, we were able to develop a migration strategy focused on retaining all of their existing endpoint devices. A combination of analog conversions and fiber optic multiplexing served as the foundation for this solution. In addition to migrating SCADA, phone, cameras, and other devices, our client was able to utilize the dry contacts, built into our product line, for their site alarms.

Our client had a targeted challenge with integrating C37.94 protection devices onto their new MPLS network. They needed a solution that would allow them to retain the investment in their network, meet their stringent protection requirements, and integrate with their existing network. TC Communications' proven record for transporting protection communications over modern networks met the challenge and was able to keep their existing MPLS network intact.

Upgrading a SCADA system can be challenging and tense for mission critical network operators, especially when SCADA data represents the heartbeat and health of critical assets. In this case, our utility client had multiple sites, often with multiple RTU's per site. Installing JumboSwitch at both the remote and SCADA master locations made for a seamless cutover.

Case Studies

Texas-New Mexico Power Deploys Teleprotection over IP

A Texas-based utility service provider had concerns about using teleprotection over IP. Rounds of tests were conducted that addressed past problems and future concerns. Doing so they were able to get a clear representation of equipment performance.

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NIPCO Deploys Multi-County GigE Network

Updating key components and equipment for a multi-county utility network is no easy task. When a power cooperative from Iowa needed to do just that, they contacted TC. In less than two months NIPCO integrated a network that increased flexibility and reduced maintenance time.

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Tucson Power Meets Stringent Latency Requirements for Teleprotection over IP

Tucson Electric Power Grid (TEP) was in a lengthy search to find equipment to suite their legacy integration needs. They required a TDM over IP/Ethernet solution with stringent latency requirements. Using TC Communications products, TEP achieved latency readings well within their standards.

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Paraguay Power Chooses JumboSwitch as a Lower Cost Alternative to SONET/SDH

The National Power Company of Paraguay (ANDE) requirements for the new communications system were rigorous. It needed to support teleprotection relay circuit latency requirements of less than 12 msec. (round trip), provide E1 connectivity to PBXs located at two substations, and enable dedicated POTS service with PBX capability to all nodes. The solution that fulfilled all of ANDE's requirements was the JumboSwitch Multi-service Ethernet Platform.

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"Our communications network has been operating very reliably since installation several years ago. We have been extremely pleased with TC Communications products and with their excellent customer support."
- Louie Mastronardi, Protection and Control Engineer at Greater Sudbury Hydro
"The [JumboSwitch®] product has performed well and any minor issues or concerns have been handled by the technical staff at TC Communications in a very timely fashion... I would highly recommend their products and services."
- Keith J. Schiltz, MDT Services Manager
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