Public Safety

Building reliable, resilient and secure networks for our nation’s Public Safety and other First Responders

Migrate legacy devices

The reliability and performance of critical communication networks can mean the difference between life and death. At TC Communications, we're focused on delivering faster, clearer and more accurate voice and data communications so that our heroes can get the job done.

Our solutions for public safety and other first responder networks include leased line replacement options, retention of analog radio systems and integration of legacy devices onto modern networks.

Industry Solutions

As carriers retire leased lines, our JumboSwitch® platform gives you the ability to integrate with over two dozen legacy interface types, saving you the cost and time associated with forklift upgrades of your existing public safety radio networks and endpoint devices. JumboSwitch can integrate with, or be the bridge between, dissimilar networks and mediums including IP/MPLS, Carrier Ethernet and T1/E1, fiber, microwave and copper. Retirement presents an opportunity to modernize your transport network by migrating to 4-wire E&M or 2-wire 600 ohm lines (leased lines) over IP while improving channel clarity, preventing signal loss and extending transmission distances.

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White paper: Navigating Leased Line Network Modernization

Many public safety networks rely on analog voters and utilize analog radios and consoles at remote and dispatch locations. Forklift upgrades to this type of analog system come with significant cost and time investments, including training and support.

JumboSwitch allows you to seamlessly integrate these analog devices while upgrading to a new IP/MPLS or Carrier Ethernet backbone. Easily integrate dry contacts for monitoring site alarms and handoff of voter comparator signals for crystal clear audio end to end.

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In some cases, retaining the carrier for backhaul is the only feasible option. The common interfaces offered by carriers are T1/E1, both of which integrate seamlessly with the MiniChannelBank platform. This allows you to retain both analog and digital interfaces to your radio system while unlocking the potential for enhanced network management and real-time monitoring capabilities throughout TCView® NMS software.

White paper: Digital Radio Linking Using T1/E1

Connect your campus security main office to multiple locations over multimode/single mode fiber and copper cable. Easily configure and customize your phone system by utilizing the built-in virtual PBX. Our products make it easy to migrate legacy devices and seamlessly connect to Ethernet or IP/MPLS networks.

Public address (PA) systems are common in public safety, dispatch and campuses. When upgrading your network, you can retain your analog PA system by using the JumboSwitch gateway to clone analog signals to multiple sites over Ethernet and IP/MPLS networks through use of fiber or radio. The solution can easily be modified to other master/slave communications systems such as supervisory control and data acquisition (SCADA).

Animation: Broadcasting 4-wire analog signals over IP


Case Studies

ESRN eliminates leased line costs

For East Shore Radio Network (ESRN), implementing a cost-effective and future-proof solution to eliminate their leased line costs was critical. TC Communications helped the company to fully integrate existing equipment while improving audio quality.

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Preserving essential legacy equipment with Leased Line Replacement

A Northern California county needed to find a solution as soon as they knew telcos were beginning to phase out analog leased lines. The county needed to find devices compatible with existing 4-wire analog radios, voters and P25 trunked radio systems. Without this compatibility, they would have faced increased costs and network downtime.

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Henry County meets deadline to consolidate Emergency Phone System

In Henry County, IL an Emergency Telephone System Board (ETSB) comprised of three Public Safety Answering Points (PSAPs) faced a new state mandate requiring counties to downsize to two PSAPs. The county needed a way to link their radio resources from the closing location to their two remaining PSAPs using their existing fiber optic connection.

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Multi-county public safety agency upgrades microwave radio network

Faced with diminishing equipment reliability and weak vendor support, a public safety communications network in Iowa required a system-wide replacement to keep police, fire and emergency first-responders connected. Using TC Communications' JumboSwitch Multi-Service Ethernet Platform, the agency achieved Ethernet port limiting, management and self-healing redundancy and improved audio quality and network management.

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"We were prepared to deal with some problems during the installation...and we did have a few...but the issues were with the existing equipment and weren't related to the JumboSwitch. It is very adaptable to other equipment in the network and all counties are pleased with the system's service and reliability."
- Tony Carpenter, Vice President at Calhoun Communications
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"TC did a great job taking something that may have been a little bit over the threshold but still being able to process it and not dropping packets, not having the buffer under runs."
- Tom Blumenshine, President of Entre Solutions II
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