Accessories Chassis Rack Mount Card Cages

Card Cage and Chassis Options for Ethernet, Data and Voice fiber optic network communication products in 1U and 4U 19" rackmounts.

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1U 19" Rackmount Card Cage (TCRM195/196)

The TCRM19 Series Interface Card Cages feature sturdy construction and house all applicable TC products in standard 19" racks. The TCRM195 and TCRM196 Universal Rack Mount Card Cages hold up to two single multiplexer or modem-type cards, or one doublemux or double-modem type card.

4U 19'' Rackmount Card Cage (TCRM191/192)

The TCRM19 Series, also called Rack Mount Card Cages, house all applicable TC products. The TCRM191/192 Universal Rack Mount Card Cages can hold up to 10 single multiplexer or modem type cards, or up to 5 double-multiplexer or double-modem type cards. In general, the TCRM191 is used for multiplexers and the TCRM192 for modems. They can operate with one power supply or dual load sharing power supplies. The AC power supply automatically adjusts for 90 to 264 VAC input and 47 to 63 Hz operation. The DC power supplies accept 24VDC, -48VDC or 125VDC input. The AC and DC power supplies can be mixed in the same unit. The dual load-sharing power supplies feature automatic switchover in the event of a power failure.