Modems & Media Converters

Full range of Fiber Optic Modems to convert Serial Data, T1, E1, T3, E3 and Phones for fiber communication. Featuring high and low speeds and field-changeable interfaces. Applications include satellite downlinks, DSUs, various Crypto devices, Channel Banks, SCADA and Process Control Networks. Ethernet Media Converters up to 1000Base-T.

Send Serial data over Fiber

Send Serial Data over Fiber using applications such as video conferencing applications to connecting satellite downlinks.

Send T1/E1 data over Fiber

Convert analog T1 or E1 signals to digital fiber optic signal or T3/E3 connectivity applications up to distances of 100km.

Send Telephone and Analog Extenders over Fiber

Send Telephone and Analog over Fiber with an array of modems and media converters that are compatible with PBXs and POTS Key Systems with built-in power redundancy along with optional temperature hardened versions.

Convert or connect over Ethernet Fiber extending up to 80 km to maximize fiber cable usage.