Literature is available to keep network professionals informed about the benefits and networking capabilities of TC Communications' more than 60 fiber optic communications products. Detailed information about networking applications and technical issues are demonstrated through case studies, application notes, white papers, and education articles.

Case Studies

With a diverse customer history and more than 60 Ethernet and fiber optic communications products TC has installed a variety of networking solutions. Case studies apply to Industrial, Enterprise, Campus, LAN, MAN, WAN and many additional interface and network types.

Application Notes

Alternative ideas within network design are best illustrated through application notes. Each note examines popular Ethernet, voice and data networking solutions that aim to solve unique challenges.

White Papers

White papers address thoughtful issues related to Ethernet, voice and data networks. TC's white papers are carefully researched and written by senior Engineers and experienced network professionals.


Education articles seek to clarify and explain popular industry terms, concepts, and applications. Each article is a concise, but thorough, look at common interfaces and their standard use cases within networks.