Modems & Media Converters Phone

Send Telephone and Analog Extenders over Fiber

Send Telephone and Analog over Fiber with an array of modems and media converters that are compatible with PBXs and POTS Key Systems with built-in power redundancy along with optional temperature hardened versions.

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RS-232 Telephone Extender (TC1900)

The TC1900 "Quick-Talk" Phone Extender extends voice over Async RS-232 into a voice network by plugging in an analog telephone. It’s compatible with most PBXs and Key Systems, and provides 2-wire FXS on the telephone side with ring down capability and FXO on the PBX side.

Ethernet Telephone/Analog Extender (TC1910)

The TC1910 Ethernet Telephone/Analog Extender provides toll quality telephone service over LANs. It is compatible with POTS Key Systems and PBXs, and includes a built-in Codec that digitizes voice and converts to packets for transmission between local and remote TC1910s with designated IP addresses.

Telephone over 10/100BaseT Ethernet Extender (TC1920)

The TC1920 Ethernet Telephone Extender enables telephone service over a LAN via 10/100Base-T Ethernet connections. It has built-in codecs that digitize voice and converts to packets for transmission between local and remote TC1920s with designated IP addresses.

Telephone & Dry Contact Extender (TC1905)

The TC1905 Phone Extender multiplexes one voice channel and one dry contact channel to remote locations over fiber optic cable. The voice channel is compatible with most analog telephones, PBXs or Key Systems. The dry contact channel is bi-directional.