Modems & Media Converters T1/E1

Send T1/E1 Data over Fiber

T1 / E1 Fiber Modem (TC1630)

The TC1630 Fiber Optic T1/E1 Modem is a compact and economical networking solution for linking voice devices such as Channel Banks, PBXs & M13 Multiplexers.

T1/E1 Fiber Modem Converter (TC1631)

The TC1631R/S is a T1/E1 Fiber Optic Modem that converts analog T1 or E1 signals to digital fiber optic signal and vice versa linking channel banks, PBXs, and M13 multiplexers at distances up to 80km.

T3 / E3 Fiber Modem (TC1680)

Featuring built-in self/link testing, the TC1680 T3/E3 Fiber Modem provides a high speed point-to-point data link between two DS3 or G.703 conforming devices.