Broadcasters & Bridges Analog Radio

Broadcast over Analog Radio

With uses such broadcasting analog radio from a central site to remote sites to working with specific industries like Public Safety and SCADA, we have equipment that works for your needs.

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Analog Paging System with Dry Contact (TC8927)

The TC8927 is an 6+2 channel 600 ohm 4-wire analog paging system with dry contact designed to be simple yet robust. Incoming analog/dry contact signal coming into the primary host port will be broadcast to 6 slave ports. A backup host port is available for redundancy. The dry contact channel is typically used to actuate the end equipment to broadcast the audio. When both Primary and Backup host ports receive signal, Primary will take precedence.

Analog Broadcaster/Bridge (TC8928)

The TC8928 Analog Broadcaster/Bridge is designed for public safety and SCADA communications applications. It receives a single 4-wire 600 ohm analog signal and broadcasts it to up to 7 remote analog lines and can be used in conjunction with the TC3846-6 Analog IP Gateway to broadcast over Ethernet networks.