Iowa's NIPCO on JumboSwitch

To Whom It May Concern:

Subject: JumboSwitch / TC Communications Performance Letter

Northwest Iowa Power Cooperative (NIPCO) is a wholesale power cooperative located in northwest Iowa. We are a current end user of the TC Communications model JumboSwitch (JSW). We use the JSW as the main Ethernet transport for our utility.

We have 23 of the TC3840 JSW installed within our network. Within this network, 19 of the JSW are in a ring topology with 4 of the JWS as spur hops off the ring network. The majority (20 units) of the network was installed and commissioned in January 2011 with 3 additional JSW nodes added as our customer base and traffic needs increased.

We supply Ethernet connectivity to our major substations and connect to PTZ security cameras, guest network internet, relaying, SCADA, interchange metering, and AMI/AMR. We also connect to outside customer traffic and offer Ethernet capacity transport, T1 and VOIP circuits.

The JSW product has performed well and any minor issues or concerns have been handled by the technical staff at TC Communications in a very timely fashion. NIPCO has been extremely satisfied with the overall experience – from the sales team, to technical support, to the educational trainers and, quite frankly, anyone that you encounter at TC Communications. Everyone is down-to-earth and willing to listen to your thoughts and concerns and then follow through with solutions. I have never had the feeling of being forgotten as a customer, but have always been treated as a friend.

Overall, our experience with TC Communications has been excellent and I would highly recommend their products and services.



Keith J. Schiltz

MDT Services Manager