Kansas' Sprint on JumboSwitch

Q&A with Brian R. Blake, CB Richard Ellis Contractor/Network Design Engineer for Sprint, on JumboSwitch, TC3840

1. How many TC3840s are in use and when were they commissioned?

We currently have eleven nodes in our network. There are eight of the 4U shelves and three of the 2U shelves. Eight of the nodes were commissioned in March 2011. Three were added into the network in February 2012.

2. How are the products working?

They are working as desired. They have provided flawless service as designed.

3. Is Sprint happy with the products and the services TC Communications has provided so far?

Sprint is very pleased with the products. The support that TC Communications provides us is excellent and much appreciated.

4. What type of services are you transporting on the JumboSwitch network?

The equipment is transporting DS-1, DS-3 and Ethernet service for our customers. Several years ago, downsizing efforts within Sprint freed up office space at the World Headquarters Campus. As a result, this space was sub-leased to other companies. JumboSwitch network is the [only] system [we use] that extends voice and data services from the carrier POP facility to tenant office space. The JumboSwitch system was selected because of the “carrier-grade” nature of this equipment.