Ontario's Sudbury Hydro on TC2800

Greater Subury Hydro, an electrical utility in Sudbury, Ontario, Canada is still a very satisfied user of TC Communications products. Several different product lines have been used to build an asynchronous serial communications network for automation of our electrical distribution system.

Our main network consists of a dual, counter rotating, self healing, fiber optic communications ring (main ring) around the city with a circumference of about 100 km. Equipment on the ring operates at 1300 nm over single mode fiber. A TC2800 master multiplexer is installed at our head office control center and TC2801 slave multiplexers are installed at 26 electrical substation nodes around the ring. We use 4 data channels for SCAD communications, 1 data channel for automated meter reading (AMR) communications and 1 data channel for telephone communications using the TC1900 product line.

In addition, we have ten point to point communication links using the TC1000 product line. These radial links are also connected to various nodes on the main ring.

Our communications network has been operating very reliably since installation several years ago. We have been extremely pleased with TC Communications products and with their excellent customer support.

Louie Mastronardi, P. Eng. Protection and Control Engineer
Greater Sudbury Hydro Inc.

*************** TC1000 Product Updated ***********************
The TC1000 mentioned above has been updated with the TC1100.
Click here to see the datasheet.