Ontario's Sudbury Hydro on TC2801

We do not keep "Certificates of Project" as per you request. All I can do is tell you about our installation.

We have installed a dual, counter rotating, Self Healing fiber optic communications ring around our city. The distance around the ring is now about 80 km. We have one master node in our control center (using a TC2800 8 channel RS-232 master multiplexer) and 26 slave nodes around the ring (using a TC2801 8 channel RS-232 slave multiplexer at each slave node). We use four channels for SCADA communications, one channel for voice communications, and the remaining three channels for other applications such as automated meter reading (AMR). We operate at 1300nm Single mode. All data channels operate at 9600 bps and the voice channel is set for 19200 bps.

We have wired a dry alarm contact from each TC2801 into the SCADA RTU at each slave site. Our SCADA system alarms if any of the TC2801 slave multiplexers go into the Self Healing mode. This tell us the location of the fiber optic cable problem.

Our system was built in stages over the past 2 to 3 years and it has been operating extremely reliably. We are very pleased with the TC2800/TC2801 product and we are also very pleased with TC Communications' customer support.

Yours Truly,
Protection and Control Engineer
Sudbury Hydro
500 Regent St. PO BOx 250
Sudbury, Ontario, Candada P3E 4P1