Jamaica's JPS on JumboSwitch

Whom It May Concern:

The Jamaica Public Service Company Ltd. recently purchased and installed devices from TC Communications. These devices, known as Jumbo Switches are being utilized in our SCADA, Tele-protection, TDM and Ethernet networks.

We use the OSI Monarch System for SCADA and currently have ten (10) sites reporting via the Jumbo Switches. Our other services, namely Tele-protection, TDM and Ethernet are available at all forty-one (41) sites. We have an additional five (5) sites scheduled for installation.

We decided to use the Jumbo Switch for our network because it is a multiservice device capable of accepting and transporting various forms of data. It was the only device which accepted serial, TDM and Ethernet and transported it all via Ethernet. It was also easily integrated into or existing networks. Another plus was the ease with which the device could be cross-connected to other equipment.

A major incentive to use this product is that only one chassis is required per site and it is rugged enough to work in harsh environments like our substations.

Our TCCOMM network was commissioned in July 2008 after an intensive test run which saw the personnel from TC Communications providing training and working with us to iron out operations.

The customer service provided by TC Communications is excellent and we are satisfied with the level of service and the quality of the products provided by TC Communications. We are currently in the process of purchasing and testing new products from them.

Feel free to contact us if more information is required.

Yours sincerely,

Clive Wright

Manager, ECS Department.

Jamaica Public Service Company Ltd.