California's CALTRANS on JumboSwitch


District #6, Fresno, CA


Hello Nick,

District 6 of the State of California Department of Transportation (Caltrans) has been using TC Communication products for over 10 years. The first Jumboswitch was installed and commissioned in September of 2010. There are now four Jumboswitches installed and in use in the Central Valley, in Fresno California.

The Jumboswitches have worked great since they were installed. We have not encountered any issues with this product. TC Communications played an important role in providing training and helping District 6 to configure the first Jumboswitch in order for it to work with the existing network, and they continue to provide support as necessary.

District 6 is very happy with the products and services that TC Communications has continued to provide throughout the years. Caltrans District 6’s Intelligent Transportation System (ITS) utilizes a fiber optic network throughout the major freeway systems of Fresno. The Central Valley Transportation Management Center (CVTMC) utilizes the fiber optic system to establish communications with the ITS Elements that it uses for traffic management purposes. The Jumboswitch is being used to transport CCTV video, and traffic data packets throughout the network.


Samuel Campos

Caltrans District 6

Traffic Electrical, TMC Support