Case Studies:

Isolating Substations Using T1 Networks


A utility company transitioned their network to IP but faced rigorous security demands at the substations. Using the TC8610 they isolated substations on a T1 network.


The TC8610 is an economical plug and play device. Connect up to four serial devices on existing T1/E1 links. Customers have used TC8610 for the following purposes:

  • Protocol-transparent
  • SCADA Communications
  • Teleprotection Applications
  • Transport RS-232 Async to RS-422/RS-485 signals


TC8610 has a low latency of 85µs and built-in power redundancy. As a result, communications will be swift and consistent. Compatible with standard 100Ω T1 for copper line lengths up to 6000ft and up to 2.5km for 75Ω / 120Ω E1. The equipment can also support dry contact and optional upgrades for operation in extreme weather cold, heat, or humidity.

Diagnostics for equipment are extensive and include a built-in sync mechanism that verifies both device and T1/E1 link operation. No other test equipment is required for link and device verification.